Seven Kingdoms of Elyrium


Hotai dominates the trade routes, being the central territory of Elyrium and still not without its ports. Hotai has quickly become the most powerful of all the kingdoms with a military to show for it. Denethor’s Run nobility report Hotai has shown many threats to its borders and its power is derived by a recently uncovered ancient artifact of significance. Those reports though have been conflicted by Hotai’s recent assistance monetarily in the wake of recent storms that destroyed the ports.


Jurogin is also know as the Winterlands. Much of this kingdom is unknown. Rumors have it that the people of Jurogin spend days meditating and studying with wild sources of magic that inhabits its lands.


Fukurokuju is the most temperate of all the kingdoms. It’s people are seen as peaceful and more likely to share their wine, a tale, or a bed than they are blood. They are known for their year-round harvests.


Bisvamorten is a savage, unrelenting region. Their tribes are comprised of some of the most fearsome champions of tactics, war, and survival. Some of the strongest warriors across Elyrium are believed to have been born in Bisvamorten or taught by one of its champions.


Benzai is the home of the elves and fey. Their libraries have been known to appear like mountains in the distance. Benzai are prized sages and scholars, tutors of both the divine and arcane arts, and counselors to any legitimate nobility.


Daik is the most western of all the kingdoms. Its mountains tower into the sky, and almost appear to create the clouds and weather that travels through Elyrium. Blessings are often made toward Daik in exchange for good weather. Deep within its mountains though, there are rumors of long-lost buried treasures of ages long ago. It’s secrets are nearly as ancient as the rock above them.


Abisu’s capital was once Denethor’s Run, but only because of recent local poverty, the capital was temporarily moved to Cliffside, a city a few days travel to the east, which from a distance seems to hover over the seas. Abisu is amongst the poorest of the countries, as it is in heavy debs to Hotai. It’s people are bent by corruption and greed, swayed in their attempts of survival.


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